Driving is a complex task in which memory, attention, judgment and other cognitive abilities are used in concert to guide successful performance. Many medical conditions such as Memory Loss, Stroke, Heart Disease, and Diabetes can impact driving abilities. Even if no single condition is severe, several conditions can combine to make a person unsafe to drive. Medications can also affect your ability to drive safely.

The DriveABLE Advantage

Elevate Your Practice: 

DriveABLE testing is the only assessment program of its kind that is able to objectively measure a patient’s cognitive ability to drive. By implementing DriveABLE into a medical practice, physicians can offer clients additional assurance and peace of mind. Decrease time used spent on handwritten reports with an electronically produced DriveABLE assessment report and use that time to advise patients.


Increase Billing and Profits: 

Not only do DriveABLE assessments provide healthcare professionals with risk evaluations regarding patients’ cognitive driving abilities, they also provide a new source of revenue that was previously inaccessible. DriveABLE assessments can be billed under AMA licensed CPT coding to Medicare or other health insurance providers. DriveABLE assessments benefit the patients, the provider, and the practice.

Solve the Driving Problem: 

Almost every function used for driving requires our brain. When a person can no longer drive safely their physician is at the forefront of the decision to stop driving. This conversation can be difficult for physicians and for the patient. DriveABLE eases this conflict by providing objective, scientifically sound results. It provides a platform for discussion, clarification and reference when working with the patient, their families and the community.

Decrease Liability: 

Manage your litigation risk by documenting thoroughly and reporting to your local licensing authority. The more documentation and resources a physician has at their disposal, the more capable a physician is able to make a diagnosis. DriveABLE is a proactive resource in a physician’s due diligence and helps safeguard against potential legal implications.

     DCAT - DriveABLE Cognitive Assessment Tool

  • + Cutting edge software developed through scientific research
  • + Measures the cognitive skills needed for safe driving
  • + Predicts actual on-road performance
  • + Provides an arm’s length assessment, which allows you to focus on the outcome of the assessment and remain an advocate for your patient.

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CASE STUDY: DriveABLE will benefit your practice

"When Northwest Neurology’s medical team needed a better, more objective and scientific method to assess their patients’ fitness to drive, DriveABLE provided an efficient, cost-effective, and reimbursable solution."
We did our homework… the rest is history. I fell in love with DriveABLE and we have literally tested over a thousand people in our area.
- Dr. Robert Bashuk, MD
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CASE STUDY: How DriveABLE is helping your patients

A 74-year-old male was hospitalized following a stroke caused by atrial fibrillation. During the hospitalization he had contracted pneumonia and was diagnosed with accelerated hypertension.
After being released, Jim was told he could no longer drive safely. See how DriveABLE helped him make the right decision about when to return to driving.
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Is it reimbursable in the USA?


Most USA payers consider computerized neurocognitive assessment procedures medically necessary in the assessment of neurocognitive impairment resulting from a medical condition. DriveABLE is a computerized neurocognitive assessment to evaluate drivers at-risk due to any medical or neurological disorder. DriveABLE seeks to protect safe drivers from misidentification, based solely on their medical condition or age, and accurately identify unsafe drivers to protect them, their families and other road users.



How do I bill for assessment procedure services?