School bus drivers play a critical role in the lives of our children, our education system, and our communities as a whole. The most precious cargo one could carry is our children, so safety should be of paramount importance.

What if we told you that a driver’s abstract is not enough? An abstract only looks at what has happened, not the risk of what could happen.

What if we told you a standard medical exam is not enough? Most driver medical exams do not test for cognitive impairment.

Test for cognitive impairment to ensure your drivers are the safest on the road.

The DriveABLE Advantage


DriveABLE can pre-screen new employees to determine their cognitive driving ability. Recruited individuals with higher weighted cognitive skills were more likely to stay on the job longer (Transportation Research Board, 2011). With a current shortage of commercial drivers, DriveABLE can help you decrease turnover rates.



As age increases so does the risk of having a medical condition that will affect driving ability. Many commercial drivers are 55 years or older, in this age group risk of driving injury or fatality increases by 75%. DriveABLE Assessments can help reduce the risk of close calls, accidents, liability costs, and keep safe drivers driving longer.


Save significant amount of time, money, and energy on fruitless training and recruitment (refer to ETS case study). DriveABLE tools can be quickly and efficiently incorporated into annual training and health, and safety routines.



      DCAT - DriveABLE Cognitive Assessment Tool

  • + Cutting edge software developed through scientific research
  • + Measures the cognitive skills needed for safe driving
  • + Predicts actual on-road performance
  • + Provides an arm’s length assessment, which allows you to focus on the outcome of the assessment and remain an advocate for your patient.

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      DORE - DriveABLE On Road Evaluation

  • + Targeted to only identify drivers with cognitive impairment
  • + Testing in a dual-brake automobile for safety
  • + Driving evaluators are trained to assess medically-at-risk clients
  • + Graduated standardized road course

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  • + Quickly identify the best and worst performers out of a group
  • + Identify drivers who may need medical intervention to continue driving safely
  • + Lower incidents and increase risk management and safety credibility
  • + Included all benefits and features of DORE and DCAT plus more!

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Student Transit

“Safety is of paramount importance at Student Transit. Our drivers transport America’s most precious cargo— our children. We are confident the technology and industry expertise of [DriveABLE ] and SafeWay Driver Fitness Centers helps us put the safest school bus drivers on Wisconsin’s roads.”
— Jim Fey, Vice President of Student Transit, President of the Wisconsin School Bus Association Student Transit needed a better, more objective, and scientific way to assess their drivers fitness to drive...they chose DriveABLE.
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Edmonton Transit System

“DriveABLE proved that the bigger investment at the beginning of the process pays off for the end. Now, overall, we have better candidates to go through our classes.”
– Valeria Palladino, Edmonton Transit Supervisor Hiring and Training
DriveABLE ensures Edmonton Transit System hires competent, safe drivers at a lower cost.
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